Heritage Museum of Orange County…

Is a cultural and natural history center in Southern California.  The centerpiece of the museum, which covers nearly 12 acres in all, is a historic plaza featuring several buildings from the 1890s set amid extensive floral gardens and citrus groves. Among the buildings is the Kellogg House familiar to teachers and students throughout Orange County as a favorite field trip destination for over 30 years.

Additional features found at HMOC include our Gospel Swamp Farm and Gospel Swamp Natural Area. The farm project is maintained by local high school and college volunteers. We’re currently installing a “Borrowing Barn” for tool lending and we utilize produce from the farm for our children’s educational programs and other museum events. Previously on site there was a fully operational blacksmith shop that was headquarters for the Orange County Blacksmith Guild and guild members held regular blacksmith classes. Unfortunately, the shop burned down in the wee hours of July 4, 2019 and it is now necessary to rebuild the shop. While there is no definitive schedule for a rebuild of the Blacksmith shop, we hope to have it up and running again as soon as possible.

The latest major campaign for the museum is to restore the John A. Maag Farmhouse. The home, built in 1899, features three stories in 5,600 square feet of interior living space and is planned for the housing of museum archives, offices and exhibitions. Two original outbuildings of the Maag Farmhouse currently house offices, meeting space and our gift shop.

Our Staff

Jamie Hiber

Executive Director

Jessica Bell

Director of History & Culture

Daniel Cooper

Director of Community Engagement

Alex Gonzalez

Facilities Manager

Betzaira Ruiz

Administrative Assistant to Director of Community Engagement


Sam Guitron

Gospel Swamp Farm Manager

Shandra Wilson

Digital Content Strategist

Our Board of Directors


Mark Anthony Paredes


Ismael Soto


Marie Nubia-Feliciano


Gloria Alvarado



Directors at Large

Manuel Chavez


Carlos Muniz


Caroline Smith

Jennifer Wang